Monday, November 21, 2016

Thoughts About Photowalks

Thoughts About Photowalks

Thoughts About Photowalks

Photowalks. I sure do have fun. Am adding to my albums steadily and surely, BUT (and that's a big but) have to actually go out to capture images in the first place. It's all about follow-through for me. I get set up to do this and that and never finish. Painted the top of my upper tier of cabinets after a good scrub. This was a major chore. And now it is finished. Painted my medicine cabinet and wow, what a difference. The first thing I see in the morning is a bathroom that is nice, neat, and tidy. Am going to get down on the ground to paint the kick board at the base of the kitchen cabinets next. And have to trim back the grass out in my side yard. Want to bring a big planter indoors to start trees and shrubs for next Spring's garden. Lots of chores.
Photowalks! Would like to complete things around the house too. It is 8:00 A.M. (0800 hrs.) and will add to this blog as the day progresses.22 November 2016. Registered to start the process to earn a State Notary Public license. Forty-five dollars. Will study on that over the next few days. Haven't started trimming the grass the way I would like, but have exercised. Think that tweaked my metabolism. Didn't do much, yet am quite crippled and have to build up. Started painting another section of the kitchen. Will have before and after images to post when it is completed.

UPDATE: 3 December 2016.
Have been very busy and kind of neglectful of my blogging, yet have been following through on my projects. It is expensive to become a Notary, the process is complex, and there is a test with exam. Have set up the place for my indoor planter and have decided what to plant indoors for next Spring.

Notary Project

UPDATED:7 December 2016.First of all, locating the correct site is most important.The address for Nevada's Secretary of State is at this link. Once there, locate the tab up top labeled "Forms." And follow the instructions. You will need to enter required information, create names, and create a password so be prepared to take your time to approach this project with a professional attitude. Eventually, one ends up paying an exam fee to begin the application process. Study the notary training guide well before the exam at the training/exam website. Can watch it many times if need be. Pass the exam. The next step is the application. Fill out and print the application which then needs to be filed with the Clark County Clerk. With the accompanying surety bond and OATH. Finally, mail the application, proof of oath and surety to the Nevada Secretary of State. Proof of your training and exam is inside the computer system. A potential notary has ninety days after the exam to complete the process.

Then, the NVSOS will examine your legal bona fides. Residency, legal record, and all other orifices to insure one is qualified to sign their name. It is all about the rules. In order for one's signature to be worth something, one's signature literally "has to be worth something." Big brother is going to take a good long look. Basically.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

An image of my kitchen cabinet bank. They are old and have been repainted many times. The drawers need repair, and some of the doors have been broken. The hinges are gooped up with old paint. The insides need a lot of work. The sink is not even attached to the counter top. Have a long way to go.


The dark brown strip in the image below shows where the old kick board has been removed when my kitchen floor tiles wee replaced. The people removed the kick board and did not attach new pieces leaving it bare. The cabinet was purchased pre-assembled. The old cabinet was removed, disposed of, and a new cabinet assembly placed on top of a pedestal which is evident if the image is viewed large.


When standing in the kitchen area, the blemishes in the finished texture are not noticeable. The following images, I am literally laying on the kitchen floor.


A better view.This actually looks kind of nice. Also, I painted the top of the top tier of the cabinets.

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