Friday, October 21, 2016

Hacking Health - Quick Sandwiches I

Quick Sandwiches

Quick Sandwiches

UPDATE:10 January 2017. I have discovered that literally there is not enough time to prepare food. Have started to develop a website about Donald Trump, and have been at the xhtml for 4 hours and have barely begun to scratch the surface. Had to get something in my stomach and was thankful to have a can of some nice beef stew. Sheesh If I had to stop my thought process there would be an extra-ordinary loss of time getting my thoughts back in order.

While I am blogging in depth and really concentrating on getting a post up, food preparation has become an issue: how to spend time wisely. The longer I spend preparing meals,... my flow and concentration is lost. High nutritional quality, filling good taste, and time away from my desk can be managed with the right food. Below is a ten-minute sandwich. Chicken egg, sausage, and cheese. Basically an egg muffin cooked at home.

The egg was already boiled and was sliced with one of those nifty egg slicers. The egg slicer has been included in my knife drawer for as long back in time as I remember. Can see below it is yellowed from age and useage. I bleached it once in an attempt to remove the yellowing to no avail.

My planning habits have developed over the years. I purchase two dozen eggs, completely cook one dozen with a gentle boil (to insure no cracking), and use the eggs as needed. Quick, easy, and nutritious.

Have decided I will continue to add sandwiches to this post. Have quite a collection of easy to prepare, delicious, sandwiches for the busy blogger and busy person in general. Will try to post images that are kind of self-explanatory.Think I will include omelettes. I have cooked some very nice easy omelettes.

Below is a simple tuna spread that tastes great. Included is of course the tuna! Some mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish with a sliced chicken egg. Spiced with garlic powder (not garlic salt), red pepper, and a bit of balsamic vinegar. The red pepper catches up on the tongue sensory nerves, so pepper to taste.

Below is after the stir.

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